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Lake Simcoe has always been an "exploring" sort of place. 5,000 years ago while the Egyptian pyramids were being built, the Huron were experimenting with fish fences in our north lake to increase their catch. Fast forward to half a century ago, couriers de bois, followed by iconic travellers like Samuel de Champlain, were making Lake Simcoe their frontier gathering place from which to discover our entire country.

Next came a rush of people. Lumber barons and farming pioneers saw opportunity. City folk came to seek refuge from the steamy summers. The area became Ontario's first cottage country. Then the watershed began another transformation on road to becoming home for half a million people. (2014 population: 250,000. 2030 projection: 500,000)

While the lake suffered from the impacts of rapid growth, people developing ideas to turn around the future nurtured Lake Simcoe in many ways; and so it remains a wonderful place to explore. Forests, trails, rivers and streams, unusual local experiences, artists and local food - all less than an hour from the big city. Lake Simcoe’s proudest “feather” is being the first lake in Canada where citizens and government together created a Protection Act and Plan. It has also become the first lake in North America whose bright future is being shaped by scientific and social innovation: a living laboratory where nature inspires a refreshing way of life.

A place to live, play, love today and share for tomorrow.

Re-imagining Lake Simcoe

You can transform Lake Simcoe with the click of your mouse. Try some water thinking to benefit both people and the lake. Enter here.

Transforming Yesterday

With Lake Simcoe South Georgian Bay Clean Up Fund support, this lakefront will become a demo site for the power of community. See more.


Can’t quite decide what to do? Our themed Itineraries help you plan perfect expeditions. Start exploring.

Exploring Lake Simcoe Smart Spots

Rain Garden

An interactive communications system was piloted that will brand the Lake Simcoe watershed as a place of innovation. See more.



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